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Multi-Estate Sale Services in Atlanta, GA

We’ll take care of the entire home estate sale process, from setup to pricing to cleanup. Multi estate sales are the best way to bring attention to your items for sale.

Multi-Estate Sale Services in Atlanta, GA

We’ll take care of the entire home estate sale process, from setup to pricing to cleanup. Multi estate sales are the best way to bring attention to your items for sale.

About Multi-Estate Sales

At Peachtree Battle Estate Sales & Liquidations, we want to help you sell your belongings quickly, successfully, and thoroughly. To do so, we’ve assembled a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in antiques, interior design, and estates. With over 40 estate sales and liquidations a year, including a multi-estate gallery auction every 4–6 weeks, we offer a quality and streamlined experience you can rely on.

We offer estates both in your own home and in our multiple estate gallery. With either, our staff members are there to help. We research and price your items with our extensive market knowledge. If you want us to handle your belongings via a multi-estate gallery sale, our trained porters will handle your items with care as we display them.

If you’d rather sell your items alongside assets from multiple estates, we’re here to help. We want to be your first choice for multi-estate gallery liquidation for the Atlanta, GA, area, including Alpharetta, GA, and Marietta, GA.

Why Choose Us?

When we say that we handle every step of the process, we mean it. A trained, experienced professional will oversee every part of the in-home estate sale.

Before the sale, we’ll extensively advertise your estate sale online on popular sites. Additionally, we’ll send the information out to our client list, which includes over 20,000 subscribers, and thousands more will see your sale on social media. We know how to get buyers to show up to your estate sale.

While setting up the sale, our experienced appraisers will price each item fairly and accurately, ensuring that your items are priced to sell, but you won’t leave any money on the table.

During the sale itself, our porters will handle all your goods, so you won’t have to worry about anything breaking. We’ll also oversee parking to ensure an orderly experience for everyone. Count on us to think of everything.

How it Works

Interested in selling off your estate through our multi-estate gallery sale? Rely on us for comprehensive multi-estate gallery liquidation for all the assets you want to sell off. We use a very simple yet in-depth process to ensure complete satisfaction and quality results for a multi-estate gallery auction.

Our process goes as follows:

1. Consultation

We meet with you to learn more about the items you want to sell and what your specific needs are. The consultation comes at no obligation and incurs no fees.

2. Asset Removal

We remove all the items you want to sell for pricing and evaluation. This step can take up to 10–14 days.

3. Pricing

Our experienced experts will carefully inspect, evaluate, price, and tag each item you wish to sell.

4. Sale

Every four to six weeks, we hold a multi-estate gallery sale in our multiple estate gallery These events often bring in thousands of people and result in nearly every item being sold. During the sale, we handle everything. Sales often last one to four days.

5. Donation

After the sale, any unsold item is donated or given to a consignment shop. The donation and consignment rate is usually for around 5% of the estate.

When you choose to sell through us, we will go over the entire process with you and answer your every question. We often handle multiple estates at a time in the Atlanta, GA; Marietta, GA; and Alpharetta, GA, areas.

Past Multi-Estate Sales

Frequently Asked Questions About Multi-Estate Sales

Multi-Estate Gallery Sale FAQ

Interested in utilizing our multiple estate gallery for your upcoming estate sale? Learn more about this service with our FAQ. We happily serve the Atlanta, GA, area, including Alpharetta, GA, and Marietta, GA.

How Is a Multiple Estate Gallery Sale Different Than an In-Home Estate Sale?

Peachtree Battle Estate Sales & Liquidations has a large warehouse showroom for multiple estates that can display all your estate items for sale. Unlike an individual home estate sale, we schedule a multi-estate gallery auction every four to six weeks. These sales are usually Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Why Choose a Multiple Gallery Sale?

Multi-estate gallery liquidation might be a better choice for you for various reasons. Many people choose this service because they:

  • Live in a gated community that restricts access to the home
  • Live in a high-rise building that makes access and estate sales inconvenient
  • Have HOA restrictions regarding estate sales
  • Desire the privacy of their home
  • Don’t have a suitable number of items for an in-home sale

Gallery sales can provide you with the space you need for complete estate sale services without the inconvenience of using your own home. Our gallery sales offer complete staging and staffing, are attended by thousands of interested parties, and usually generate high sales.

How Do I Deliver My Items to You?

Make sure to schedule your delivery to our warehouse. We ask that you schedule that at least 72 hours beforehand to ensure you have a loading dock and warehouse space for your estate items. Please note that we require that the delivery or moving company that brings your items have their own workers unload the items.

When Should I Expect Payment From the Gallery Sale?

We provide payment within 30 days.

What Should I Do About Unsold Items?

We give you five days to pick up any unsold item. If you are unable to pick up or do not want these items, we will happily donate them to local charities or consignment shops on your behalf.

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