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In-Home Estate Sale Services for Atlanta, GA

If you have a household full of items to sell, let us handle it. We’ll take care of the entire home estate sale process, from setup to pricing to cleanup.

In-Home Estate Sale Services for Atlanta, GA

If you have a household full of items to sell, let us handle it. We’ll take care of the entire home estate sale process, from setup to pricing to cleanup.

About In-Home Estate Sales

If you need to clear a large amount of items out of your home, turn to Peachtree Battle Estate Sales & Liquidations. We offer comprehensive in-home estate sale services for clients in the Atlanta, GA, area.

Perhaps a loved one has died, and you’re tasked with finding new homes for their possessions. Or maybe you’re downsizing and have a lifetime’s worth of items that you can’t use any more. Whatever your situation, our in-home estate sale services are the solution.

Why Choose Us?

When we say that we handle every step of the process, we mean it. A trained, experienced professional will oversee every part of the in-home estate sale.

Before the sale, we’ll extensively advertise your estate sale online on popular sites. Additionally, we’ll send the information out to our client list, which includes over 20,000 subscribers, and thousands more will see your sale on social media. We know how to get buyers to show up to your estate sale.

While setting up the sale, our experienced appraisers will price each item fairly and accurately, ensuring that your items are priced to sell, but you won’t leave any money on the table.

During the sale itself, our porters will handle all your goods, so you won’t have to worry about anything breaking. We’ll also oversee parking to ensure an orderly experience for everyone. Count on us to think of everything.

How it Works

How the Process Works

1. Set Up a Consultation

Call us at 770-653-5247 to set a free, no-obligation consultation. Once you’ve learned more, if you want to use our in-home estate sale services, let us do the rest.

2. Set Up the Sale

Our team will set up the estate sale, including advertising it extensively online. Once we begin, the process tends to take 10 to 14 days until the last item is gone.

3. Price the Items

Our trained and experienced appraisers will go through the items you want to sell and assign them prices.

4. Conduct the Estate Sale

We’ll cover every aspect of the estate sale, from moving and handling goods to overseeing parking.

5. Clean Up

If any of the items do not sell, we’ll sort through them and find a good place for them to go, typically to a donation or consignment center. This category usually comprises about 5 percent of the total inventory. We’ll also clean up after ourselves so your property goes back to normal without fuss.

Past In-Home Estate Sales

Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Estate Sales

In-Home Estate Sales: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for an in-home estate sale?

All you have to do is remove the items you want to keep — we’ll do the rest, so no need to box or organize the property you want to sell. If we happen to find any person items as we stage your sale, like financial documents or family photos, we’ll make sure to collect them for you so they don’t get sold.

What items can you sell?

We can sell just about anything. If you have fine art, jewelry, or antiques, we can handle these high-price items safely. If you have more everyday items, don’t get rid of them! We sell everything from bath towels to dishes, and you’d be surprised at how much money these smaller possessions can bring in.

How do you price items?

Our staff includes antique experts and experienced interior designers. We know the market, and we use specialized databases to see what similar items are selling for. Trust us to set the price for your items fairly and accurately.

What is the timeframe for the in-home estate sale?

If you know you need our services, let us know as far in advance as possible as we have a full calendar. However, if you need help quickly, the minimum advance notice is 10 to 14 days. That’s how long it takes us to put a sale together from the moment we first come to your home for a consultation.

After the sale, you’ll be paid within 15 business days.

If you have further questions, see our FAQ page or get in touch with our team.

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