When most people think about an estate sale, they think in terms of what happens after a loved one passes away. And while this is certainly the most common reason for an estate sale, it isn’t the only time when such a sale could be of benefit.

When might an estate sale work for your needs? Here are a few of these life changing moments and how an estate sale can help in each particular situation.

1. When You Move

Moving house is a complex task for nearly all families. If the change of location isn’t hard enough, you must generally go through all your furnishings and belongings to decide what to do with everything. And if your house sells quickly or you must move at the last minute, you may need to do all this on an accelerated schedule. An estate sale can help make this process much easier and faster.

All the homeowner needs to do before an estate sale is identify which items they want to part with, and the estate sale personnel will do the work of getting rid of it. Most estate sale services will even donate or arrange further consignment for what isn’t sold.

2. When You Divorce

The breakup of a marriage brings not only emotional baggage but also a changed set of financial needs. One or both spouses may have moved — or plan to move — out of the family home. That home may need to be sold as part of the divorce agreement. Or a number of marital assets may need to be sold in order to recoup their value and turn it into cash for dividing up.

If you face any of these necessities, an estate sale has three primary benefits. First, it gets rid of shared assets or clears the old home quickly and easily. Second, if you use estate sale pros, the two spouses don’t have to work on the project together and will have a more objective and independent appraisal of the value of their assets. Finally, a professional estate sale helps ensure the maximum income for your stuff.

3. When You Retire

Are you and your spouse planning to retire soon? As one of the biggest life changes for most people, retirement is the end of one chapter and the start of another. People’s reactions to this change vary wildly, often including the desire (or need) to downsize living arrangements, to move to a new house, or to focus on new interests.

All of these changes can easily call for getting rid of a large swath of belongings that no longer fit your goals. But, because sentiment may get in the way of letting go of items you’ve accumulated over the years, outside assistance can help the process. You’ll get an honest appraisal of your goods and their value, and an objective pro will help you find the most peace and relief with your decision.

4. When You Owe

Unfortunately, not all life changes are done voluntarily. Sometimes, debt gets the better of a person or a family and they need to liquidate assets. When this is the case, though, you need to achieve three clear goals. You need to earn the most from any sales of assets. You generally need to act fast. And you need to avoid adding stress to an already difficult time. With an estate pro, you can realistically achieve all of these goals.

Do you face one of these major life changes? If so, an estate sale service can make the transition easier, more profitable, and faster. Learn more by talking with or visiting Peachtree Battle Estate Sales & Liquidations today.

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